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    Singing Lessons

    Singing Lessons in Ossett

    Everybody has a voice, and your singing lessons at Distort Music Tuition in Ossett, will help to take yours to places you never dreamed it could reach.Singing Lessons in Ossett

    In your singing lessons you’ll learn the techniques that will enable you to build confidence, develop your diaphragm and extend your vocal range. These vocal techniques are crucial when it comes to learning how to perform your favourite songs regardless of the style of music you wish to develop your voice in.

    Learning to sing is a powerful way to boost your self-esteem, allowing you to release your inhibitions and truly express yourself. Vocal students have arrived at our studio in Ossett full of anxiety at the thought of singing in front of other people and progressed to becoming empowered and exciting performers with the help of their vocal coach.

    Singing lessons in Ossett
    Child singing

    Anyone Can Sing!

    Our vocal tutors have experience at helping students of all ages and ability levels.

    There are always some simple improvements that can be made with the help of a professional singing coach.

    Whether it be rock, pop, classical or jazz, our tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you, saving you the time and frustration of struggling alone.

    Vocal lessons in Ossett

    Professional Singing Tutors

    With all musical instruments, it’s important that you get good information from a qualified tutor. For your voice thats even more important.

    You need someone who really knows what they’re talking about to prevent bad habits and possible injuries that could possibly even prevent you from singing in future.

    Our singing tutors are also fully DBS checked for your peace of mind.

    Singing tutor

    Vocal Grades Available

    The best singers have a good idea of what’s going on with the rest of the band.

    Knowing about vocal harmony, sight-singing and other technical knowledge can really help you work with other musicians.

    Your singing tutor can advise you on which syllabus and grade is most suitable. Don’t forget it’s a great way to grab some extra UCAS points!

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