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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons in Ossett

There are lots of reasons to take piano lessons at our studio in Ossett. It’s the perfect place to learn under the guidance of a professional piano tutor in a 1-1 lesson. Piano lessons are clearly useful if you want to be a concert pianist but learning to play the piano is also one of the best ways to understand music theory and keyboards are a huge part of the modern music industry.piano lessons in Ossett

Todays pop music is very heavily based around the keyboard. Want to write and produce pop hits on your laptop or play synth in an electro-indie band? You’d better know your way around the keyboard!  Synthesizers and MIDI technology form the basis of modern styles like dance, electro and pop. The piano and keyboard also remain an essential tool for working with music technology software. Give us a call and come down to the studio in Ossett for your piano lesson today!

Piano Lessons in Ossett
Pianist playing a piano

Piano lessons for everyone!

Our piano tutors welcome students of all ages and ability levels.

At our studio in Ossett you’re welcome to learn whether you’re taking music seriously or just for your own enjoyment. 

Studies show that learning the piano can also have positive effects on your mental and physical well being as well as developing cognitive, social, and listening skills in children.

Piano tutor in Ossett

Professional Piano Tutors

When learning the piano it’s important to find a professional tutor who can develop your skills in the most efficient way.

At our studio in Ossett your piano tutor is dedicated to making sure that you learn the proper techniques to prevent you developing bad habits that could lead to injury.

We also fully DBS checked all our piano tutors for your peace of mind.

Piano Music

Piano Grades Available

If you’re serious about music and want to progress through the grades system then we can help you do it quicker.

Our piano and keyboard students have a 100% pass rate.

Your piano tutor can advise you on which syllabus and grade is most suitable. Don’t forget it’s a great way to grab some extra UCAS points!

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