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Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons in Ossett

If you’re looking for drum lessons in Ossett or the surrounding area, then look no further. Your drum tutor will provide you with a fun way to learn the fundamentals and more advanced techniques that will get you playing along with your favourite bands and refining your chops.drum lessons in Ossett

Learning to play the drums can also be a valuable investment too. Many recent studies report that it can help with physical and mental health, while helping to battle stress, depression and anxiety. Playing the drums also promotes brain development and dexterity particularly in children.

In this stressful, modern world we live in there has never been a more exciting time to learn! Plus, let’s be honest, its great fun to hit things!

Drum lessons in Ossett
Drums in Ossett

Everyone can learn!

We welcome all drum students from beginners to experienced groove-mechanics.

Your drum tutor can cover it all from the iconic beats of Roger Taylor to the intricate drum solos of Travis Barker providing you with the tools to become the drummer you always wanted to be.

Our drum students span all ages and ability levels from Ossett, Wakefield and the rest of the surrounding area.

Drum Tutor

Professional Drum Tutors

Our drum tutors are all professional, working drummers who can take your paradiddles, tom fills or double-bass chops to the next level.

We’ve handpicked the best local drum teachers who can teach a range of styles, to make sure that you never run out of grooves, fills or poly-rhythms.

All our drum tutors are also fully DBS checked for your peace of mind.

Drum school Ossett

Drum Grades Available

Drums are the perfect instrument to structure your learning through the grading system.

The technical nature of the instrument lends itself perfectly to this type of learning and can be a great way to boost and augment your progress.

Our drum tutors can advise you on which syllabus and grade is most suitable. Don’t forget it’s a great way to grab some extra UCAS points!

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